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Try And Get It Right First Time

I read an article recently regarding the top 10 no, no’s on a CV.  It’s said that when a prospective manager is reading your CV, the first few lines they read, which equates to about seven seconds are the most important, as that is when your CV makes an immediate impression.

As a recruiter I read a number of CVs daily, and there is nothing worse than reading a CV that has a number of errors throughout.

Now, I don’t sit here suggesting that I am a grammatical genius, or that I have a thesaurus imprinted in my brain, however despite this minor imperfection, there are on most word processing packages a form of spell checker, or grammar correction/suggestion tool, or internet programmes such as Grammarly.

The chronological order you write your CV in is a very important factor. There are many CV templates out there that that will help you with this, bear in mind that they do vary depending on your level of work experience, but the main point is that they are all set out in a similar and basic order, so just follow it. This will also include making sure you add dates, and job positions, and a few lines description of that role, and most importantly NO gaps between work dates, and if there are please be sure to explain them.

I have my pet hates when I review CV’s and I have bravely listed a few of them below…

  1. Spelling errors  -  Red lines indicating the errors all over the sheet
  2. Gaps between work dates  -  No explanation as to why this is
  3. No address or contact number - How am I to call you to discuss a job opportunity?
  4. Wrong chronological order - Why put your 1st job at the top of your CV, wouldn’t your most recent experience be more relevant?
  5. No Profile - How do you expect to instantly grab the manager’s attention if you don’t have one?

That art of producing that perfect CV can be daunting, and I can appreciate there is a lot to think about. Having to write one, whether you have years and years of work history or are just starting out does not seem appealing - however spending a few extra minutes on it can help you a great deal.

I found these 2 links that I do feel will give you more information, and tips to write a better CV, all the best





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