How does your digital footprint affect your job prospects?

Your Digital Footprint and how this might affect job prospects
















The term digital footprint is a term widely used, but are you aware of what it actually is or what it means? The text book meaning, according to tech terms is ‘a trail of data you create while using the Internet. It includes the websites you visit, emails you send, and information you submit to online services.’ So what does this actually mean? Basically, when you are actively using the internet every action is logged.

Tracking individuals internet usage is very useful, it can help put the right content in front of you – for example if you are a keen sportsman and use the internet to search for sportswear or sports events etc, you will be shown sponsored sports adverts while you are scrolling through your favourite social media apps. So in terms of content, a digital footprint is beneficial – based on what you view, like, share or search this dictates the content put in-front of you online, so more than likely pop-ups or sponsored ads that appear will be relevant to you and your interests. 

Millions and millions of people across the United Kingdom and worldwide are active social media users, whether this be InstagramTwitterFacebook or LinkedIn to name some of the more popular sites. The reasons for setting up and using a social media account ranges for each person, it could be to promote a product or service, for starting and building relationships, keeping in touch with friends and family –or maybe because you just enjoy interacting and sharing content with like minded individuals! Everyone who uses social media, from posting a Facebook status, to uploading a video on Instagram or sending a tweet – every action is adding to your digital footprint which could leave a positive or negative impression.

How could your social media usage and digital footprint affect the recruitment process for you?

As easy as it is for you to Google or do some background research on companies or individuals you wish to work for, it is just as easy for potential employers to do exactly the same with you! All they need is your name, email or contact number-all details that would be on your CV and they can do some investigating of their own. So, if you have been posting inappropriate images, using foul language or broadcasting outlandish and offensive views they can ALL be found. When applying for roles it is so important to be aware that your social channels are easily accessible. Make sure all accounts linked with your contact details (name, number, email address) are free from anything that could potentially do you a disservice.

When you are in a role, do always be aware your employers are able to view your online activity and you are representing that organisation so be sensitive to what you post. Keep in mind – ‘if my employer knew I was posting this, could it potentially cost me my job!?’ if the answer is YES think twice about posting it.

The internet and social media have so much amazing potential, a great source of information, an excellent way to find new career prospects, a brilliant way to network with like-minded individuals both professionally and on a personal level and so much more– but also do be aware as soon as you put something out there in the World Wide Web it will be very hard to remove, even if things are removed the damage may already have been done! 

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