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Post Job-Interview Tips

Tuesday, 1 October 2019
Post Job-Interview Tips
  So, you have been working closely with a recruiter over the past few weeks to find your next career opportunity. Your CV has been updated, formatted and sent out to clients, you have been put forward for specific roles and...

The changes in Construction and Recruitment

Wednesday, 18 September 2019
The changes in Construction and Recruitment
Change is happening every single day, big, or small, within us or all around us – we can’t avoid it, we have to adapt with these changes! It’s called evolution. Over the last 10, how much has changed within the construction...
The use of social media by job seekers seeking new career opportunities is ever increasing. The days of looking through newspapers and industry magazines for ads, posting or faxing CVs over to recruitment agencies and organisations and calling company after...
Your Digital Footprint and how this might affect job prospects
                              The term digital footprint is a term widely used, but are you aware of what it actually is or what it means? The text book meaning, according to  tech terms  is ‘a trail of data you create while using the...

Love Island meets Recruitment

Friday, 21 June 2019
Love Island meets Recruitment
It is that time of the year AGAIN - the hit Summer show Love Island is back on our TV screens and in full swing! The talk of the office kitchen, the cause of tiffs at home, a topic trending across...
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