How can a Recruitment agency benefit your organisation?

How can using a Recruitment agency benefit your organisation?

The World’s first recruitment agency was started by Henry Robinson in the year 1650 (which was short lived)! BUT early records show that as far back as around 55 BC, Julius Caesar signed a decree which offered a reward to any soldier that brought another soldier into the Army – signs of perhaps the first employee referral scheme! Since then recruitment has grown and grown and is now a multi-billion pound with over 30,000 agencies within the UK alone.

Based on the numbers it may seem like a huge task finding an agency to assist your organisation, but with so much helpful information at your fingertips it isn’t as difficult as you might think. A search on Google will help narrow down your search based on sector, location, online reviews, social media presence to name a few!

There are recruitment agencies that cater to wide range of sectors, from agriculture, to I.T to pharmaceutical – you name it! Here at Calco Recruitment, we specialise in recruiting top talent within the construction, engineering and property sectors.

So how can an agency help you? Here we have listed 3 top reasons to answer this question.

  1. Expert knowledge

Top of the list is expert knowledge, here at Calco we have been established for over 30 years – which is an amazing achievement within the recruitment industry! We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the construction, engineering and property sectors as well our in depth knowledge of all things recruitment. Recruitment is what we do, what we are passionate about and what we specialise in. If there is a role you have identified within your organisation that needs to be filled - we have the knowledge, the professionals and the resources to assist with this. From the very start of the process right through to the end, a well experienced recruitment consultant will guide you step by step through each stage as well as keep you up to speed throughout. From sourcing CVs, screening potential fits, arranging interviews around your schedule – you name it, a good recruiter and agency will be working with you through it all.

  1. Excellent industry connections

Along with expert knowledge, this next point is also very important. Recruitment consultants have an excellent network of engaged talent! Many agencies have a database full of top talent unique to their agency. At Calco we have built up at an extensive database over the last 30 years, a database that is being nurtured and updated daily. Outside of an agencies database, there is also the use of personal and social media networks. As a recruiter, by working closely with construction professionals over the years it is only natural a good knowledge of who is looking for work, when and where is eventually created. A good recruiter is able to identify the perfect fit for your organisation by asking key questions and gaining an insight and understanding of your needs and is then able to present the top talent that are the best fit for the role and your organisation.

  1. Saving you time and money

The costs and time spent during the hiring process can be extensive! The cost of a bad hire can be detrimental to an organisation. We recently did some research ourselves into this and was astonished by the figures! If you have ever wondered how much it could cost your organisation, you can use our bad hire calculator to find out. According to an in depth report conducted by the REC a bad hire for a position with a salary of £42,000 can lead to a cost of £132,015 for the company to rectify-over 3 times the salary! A recruiter and recruitment agency can help to completely avoid these astronomical figures. How? To put it simply, because this is what a recruiter is trained and paid to do. Recruiters take their time and use all their skills and expertise to source the ideal professionals for your organisation so that you don’t have to, at an agreed fee.

If there are any roles you are currently looking to fill within the construction, engineering or property sectors – Calco are here to help you every step of the way. Please feel to call our office number Monday – Friday from 8-5pm on 020 8655 1600 or send any queries to


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