The changes in Construction and Recruitment

The changes in Construction and Recruitment

Change is happening every single day, big, or small, within us or all around us – we can’t avoid it, we have to adapt with these changes! It’s called evolution.

Over the last 10, how much has changed within the construction industry? Even if you haven’t been in the industry for 10 years, how much has changed in the time you have worked within construction? What have been the most significant changes you have noticed over the years?

Change can happen in all different forms, from the financial climate to technological advances and so much more. Whether these changes are small or on a larger scale, within your control, or not-they all hold a level of significance and all have an effect on the industry. There has been a huge amount of change within the construction industry, the increased presence of BIM, automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and processes such as modular construction, to name a few.

Croydon, where we are based has recently seen the country’s tallest modular building begin construction, so we can see first-hand the development within the industry right on our doorstep. Once complete this building will be one of the tallest modular buildings in the world! These initiatives have shaped and will continue to shape the way roles are carried out. The full effects these changes have on the industry, we are yet to see, so only time will tell how they will affect the construction industry.

However, what hasn’t changed is the need for skilled professionals to manage ever more complicated projects and the human factor can be the difference in delivering projects successfully. Evolution means that only the fittest will survive. What changes do you think you will see in the near future?

We are interested to hear more about how these changes might have affected you and how you have adapted to them!

No matter how much the construction industry has changed over the years, Calco is still here ready and willing to help with all your construction, engineering and property Recruitment needs, do please get in touch via 020 8655 1600.


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