Love Island meets Recruitment

Love Island meets Recruitment

It is that time of the year AGAIN - the hit Summer show Love Island is back on our TV screens and in full swing! The talk of the office kitchen, the cause of tiffs at home, a topic trending across social media nearly every single day - whether you love it or hate it no one can deny that the show is a guilty pleasure for so many!

I am pretty sure, even if you are not a fan, that everyone knows the format of the show. 5 single ladies, 5 single men enter a villa on the island of Majorca (becoming ‘islanders’). They ‘couple up’ and then compete over 6 weeks to become the winning couple, potentially pocketing £50,000!

Obstacles and challenges are thrown in their way - such as other islanders being introduced, games that are played to turn the tables, create upheaval, drama and tension and to test these budding new ‘relationships’. Week by week islanders are voted off by the public and eventually leaving 3 couples who the public then vote for to win….there you go, the concept in a nutshell!

So a ‘reality’ show filmed on a sunny island, with body beautiful, tanned contestants…and recruitment, how on earth are these two linked!? Well, behind all the abs, tans, bikinis, drama and whatever else the point of the show is for the islanders to find their perfect match, to begin a relationship with someone who they can see a future with (or who they think can win them the show, the prize money and make the most money with when they come out of the villa - but that's the cynic in me MAYBE they do just want to find love!)

(The villa has been taken over by Recruiters and Construction professionals!)

Here at Calco we aim to do exactly that, create the perfect career match – we present our Construction, Engineering and Property professionals with their ideal opportunities and organisations to work with – ones who they see themselves building a future with. We may not be able to provide you with a 6 week stay in a villa in Majorca in the sunshine BUT we can guarantee an excellent recruitment service, thanks to our team of dedicated recruiters.

As well catering to professionals looking for their perfect match career wise, at Calco we also help our clients ‘couple up’ with the ideal match for their organisation! We do this a number of ways, with over 30 year’s recruitment experience we have come to learn to cater our recruitment process to each individual and offer a tailored service to those who choose to work with us, providing our clients and candidates with a bespoke recruitment experience.

If you are keen to start a new (professional) relationship with your ideal employer - which unlike many of the islanders, we hope will last way beyond the Summer! - Or if you are a client wanting to couple up with top talent for your organisation, then please get in touch with us via 020 8655 1600 to see how we can assist with all your recruitment needs.

Our mission here is enhancing careers, strengthening businesses and building the future - let us help you to achieve your mission and professional goals! We look forward to hearing from you.


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Posted on Sunday, March 12, 2023 18:21 by Inez Corbo

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