Recruitment, The Modern Day Dating Game

Recruitment, the modern day dating game

Ever consider dating your recruiter? ‘But I don’t want to date my recruiter’, I hear you say – fair enough, you don’t have to! BUT you are building some sort of relationship the minute you do reach out – or get approached by a recruiter to help you find your ideal job! 

So, in terms of dating in the modern world a lot of it starts online – same as recruitment, there you go, there’s one parallel drawn already! – What happened to the days of meeting someone face to face, sparking up a conversation and swapping numbers? Who knows! But people are so easily accessible now and all from our phones and laptops! You download an app, register your details, set up a profile, find your best angles, take the most flattering pictures, upload them, write a great bio that really showcases how truly amazing you are and then you are good to go!

LinkedIn is widely used by a number of professionals who are keen for potential employers to reach out and find them, as well as recruiters who use it to find the ideal professionals to fill their clients’ roles. Just like an online dating profile, whether you are using LinkedIn to find people or to be found it all starts with having a good profile! Of course what makes a successful LinkedIn profile may be very different to what is behind a successful dating profile – but the concept is still the same. If you want to bag the dream man/woman/job/candidate your profile needs to show you at your best and all you have to offer!

Now, what’s next? Your amazing profile has attracted your perfect match (whether that match be in the form of a date or a recruiter who believes they have the ideal opportunity for you) after a bit of back and forth, swapping numbers, and talking over the phone – then comes the face to face bit! Scary, I know! A date and interview are very similar, believe it or not. Outfit to plan, what will you say, how will you be perceived based  on first impressions, how will you get there – so many thoughts go through your head when getting ready for a date and for an interview. There is a lot riding on both – after that initial meet up you could potentially end up with the love of your life or even better, your dream job! BUT do not let the fear of either stress you too much, the key is to plan, stay calm and always remember what will be will be. Ok, it may not go the way you hoped, but is that the end of the world? You know what they say ‘there are plenty more fish in the sea’.

You smash the interview (the date goes amazingly too, go you!) So the end is in sight. You have gone from simply setting up a profile, to managing to attract the perfect match, you came across great and secured that job, or 2nd date – but it doesn’t end there, you need to maintain that relationship, a text, a call, an email – every little bit helps. Just because you got that dream job does not mean to say you can take your foot off the gas. You need to make sure the relationship with your recruiter carries on past the initial recruitment process, building strong professional relationships can help you through all sorts of situations, whether it be with your colleagues, your employer, your recruiter, all of these relationships are really valuable.

If you are keen to start building a relationship with a recruiter, Calco are here to help, just like dating profiles are there to help start, build and maintain a relationship – we do the same! We have a team of specialist recruiters and we pride ourselves on the fact that we are enhancing careers, strengthening business and building the future. We are always here to help. Looking for your dream role? Perhaps you are a company looking for that ideal professional to join your organisation? OR perhaps you are keen to start a new journey within the recruitment industry?

Whatever it may be for all your Construction, Property and Engineering recruitment needs, give Calco a call on 020 8655 1600 and let us start a new relationship! 


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