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Calco value the relationship with the professionals we work with and constantly seek feedback on the delivery of our recruitment services. Below is some of the feedback we have received:

"I found Nazir very professional in his approach to me regarding the position with L&Q, but in the same token very honest and easy to discuss and talk to about any issues that I may of had regarding the vacant position, he also made a very good job of rearranging my CV into the current acceptable format of which I am most grateful

He was always available if I had any queries and if in a meeting always returned my calls, he also provided me with excellent information and tips of how to conduct myself in the interview, I would not hesitate to highly  recommend Nazir and Calco to any of my colleagues who are currently looking for a new position"

Ian Polwarth

"I would like to thank Andrew,  not just for the excellent opportunity to work for UKPS, moreover, for being an utterly outstanding person.

Thanks for all the phone calls and especially the card.

I am enjoying working at UKPS and hope we can meet sometime soon to have some drink. 

Hope great success for you. 

Kind, regards"

Danilo Veiga

"Andy was professional and listened to my personal needs, he sourced a company which fitted my brief perfectly. The communication from the start to finish of the process was first class. The attention to detail could not be faulted. I recommend anybody looking for a profession role to consider Calco to all their friends and colleagues."

Kin Yau

"I just wanted to say thanks to Andrew Snelgrove for posting me in this company. 

My managers are ace the company is brilliant I couldn’t be happier"

Tom Connelly

“I would like to thank Calco for the service that they have provided to myself and my new company. The whole process from first contact to arranging a telephone interview, formal interview and negotiation on employment package was seamless and professional.

We are both very pleased with the correspondence from Ollie who seemed to always go the extra mile to provide a personal touch to everything that he did. We both would be more than happy to use the service again”

Martin Williams

"Thank you for contacting me with the confirmation to start the new position next Monday as a Clerk of Works with London and Quadrant.

This is one of my best experiences of being head hunted by a Consulting Agency. My main contact was Nazir Idris who facilitated the process from arranging the Job Interview, sending me the contract documents for signing and being in contact with me in a very professional manner throughout the entire process which was very good. 

Calco is a Agency I would recommend.




"I started at L&Q today and had a good day. I would like to thank Nazir and Jordi for making it so efficient. 

Well done"

Peter McKue

"I ought to admit that this must have probably been the most effective conversation I have ever had with a recruiter. Andrew has been willing to describe the available opportunities in detail, match my CV with proper jobs and provide me with alternatives which would be more suitable to my competences and skills. In addition, he was able to understand my preferences and put them into the equation. I look forward to being successful in one of the jobs he has proposed.

Kind regards,

Konstantinos Maraslidis

"Andrew and Oliver provided a bespoke and personal service that I have not experienced with any other agencies to date.  They are both friendly and most helpful.  I think their knowledge of the sector and contacts tied with their understanding of my experience and aspirations meant that they found a good fit for me in UKPS"


"I am extremely grateful to Oliver and Mike from Calco, who helped me secure a great job in Rail. I am very pleased with their services. They went above and beyond to get me this role. They were very efficient. At every point they communicated with me, before and after the interview. Even after I secured the role, they continued to communicate with me. It was a very quick and smooth recruitment process. I would recommend Calco to all candidates currently looking for work, as they have really exceeded my expectations. Calco are an astounding and reliable company. Their business integrity is second to none!

To be honest with you I am not sure what needs to be improved. From the beginning until date, you have been nothing but exceptional. I can't complain"

Sarah-Jayne Flowers

"Firstly I would like say that I am really happy with the position found for me. Great people, good money and lots of potential for me to progress within the company.

I was very impressed with Calco as a company, very professional, but what stood the company apart from others was Andrew Snelgrove!
What a great individual, not only did he meet all my requirements for the job I wanted, he just made everything so straight forward and easy. 

Looking for the right job is not an easy thing, but he was supportive, encouraging and just a pleasure to talk to. 

A big thanks to Andrew great representative, and to Calco for being a well organised and structured company.

Many thanks"

Luke J North

"Working with Laura from Calco has been both a pleasure and a rewarding experience"


Simon Wray

"I'm very thankful to Calco  for giving me a great opportunity and especially to Mohammad Osman who arranged everything to make it happen.

He has been very professional and helpful in arranging all the necessary steps to acquire the trust and confidence of the employer who hired me without any doubt.
Once again thank you to the management of Calco and Mohammad Osman for the job

Well done"

Neil Mangco | Kier/BAM Nuttall JV - Hinckley

"From the outset Calco provided a personal and professional approach, taking the time to understand me as candidate whilst delivering a bespoke opportunity in a clear and coherent manner. Following our initial conversation, Michael kept in regular contact which aided my confidence going into the interview. It is a pleasure to work with Calco and I would not hesitate to recommend them."

Jourdan Webb

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Robbie Massey for his support and great work in finding me a new job. 

I have dealt with many agencies but none of them have given me such kind attention and efficient work. 

Best wishes"

"Hi Gemma, I found working with your good self and Calco very easy going and relaxed.

I am very pleased with the position  you and Calco found me. Looking forward to Monday morning starting a very interesting project.

Many thanks for the employment.

Very Best Regards"

Mr Ian Carr

Ian Carr

"I recently worked with Richard Drysdale at Calco Recruitment.
It was great working with Richard, he was very supportive, helpful and very professional in his approach.
He was always there to help with time sheets, extension of contracts, payments, invoicing and any other support he could offer.
Calco was very prompt with payments and the Admin support staff were absolutely fantastic.
Should the chance arise again, I will work with Richard and Calco."

Remi Adegbola

"I started working with Michael Nordoff in February 2007 at the Olympic Park. I was on assignment there for 4 and a half years, although I carried on working through him after I left the Olympic Park. 
Through working with Mike, I achieved chartered status from the RICS and Civil Engineering Surveyors in 2009 whilst I was still on assignment at the Olympic Park.  It was an opportunity rare to freelancers.
You can rely on Mike to get you the correct placement and support you when the clients are being difficult and resolve typical issues that occur on assignments.
He has always come up with an assignment shortly before I finish or thereafter, which has resulted in me working with him for 10 years. 
His policy was and is, once you start an assignment, you must see it through.
Finally, he is polite and friendly and I have no reservations working with such a motivating consultant."

Linda Chukwu

"Calco provided me with a professional service which boosted my career, from dealing with applications submitted to prospective clients to landing the contract. 
I recommend Calco to anyone confidently based on my experience."

Dominic Hewlett

"Calco were instrumental in helping me pursue a career change, they successfully matched me with an employer who happened to be one of the market leaders in their industry.  The opportunities provided by this placement have been vast and I am very grateful to Mike and the rest of the team at Calco for their support along the way.  I have now been with Calco for over three years and have gotten to know the wider team through their many social events. I could easily consider Calco as family, and if they were my family, then Jayne would certainly be my big sister.  Jayne has always looked out for me, she checks up on me regularly and always makes sure I get paid on time… even when I’ve missed a deadline!  Calco provide a great service with personal touch which is sincere, I couldn’t recommend them more highly."

Nick Maree | Bachy Soletanche Limited - Main

"Calco provide a VERY GOOD service. Smooth, efficient and quick turnaround. All consultants communicate well, understand clients need and requirements.

All job roles provided have always been the right job for me. Calco will always be my first call when looking for a new job."

Abdullah Elgayar | Kier Highways Ltd - London

"Calco is a professional organisation with the interest of its clients at the core of its services. I have never had any cause for concern or raised any issues with Calco ever since I signed up with the organisation a few years ago.

I would definitely recommend Calco."

Akin Akinrujomu

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Andy Cook and the team at Calco for the service that you provided in respect of my new role. It was refreshing to have a recruiter who actually took the time to listen to what I wanted. The role that you presented to me, fulfilled all of the criteria that I sought in a new role. 

I would gladly recommend Andy and the company to anyone seeking to move positions. Keep up the good work, your approach is exactly the kind of service that both employees and employers seek. The recruitment industry could really learn a lesson from you guys"

Ryan McManus

"I have been employed through Calco Services Limited on a number of projects and have always found their staff friendly to deal with.
Payment is always prompt and the notification process for payments is fantastic, a testament to Jayne Thain’s professional approach to account management.
It is no coincidence that Calco is celebrating 30 years in the industry with such good service.

Steve Coltman | Canary Wharf Limited - Main

"I have worked through Calco for numerous years now and have found their service to be excellent in their professional approach. In my opinion they provided assistance throughout assignment/s with constant communication kept with the individual throughout the assignment process.

Financially no issues, the department is very efficient, helpful and easy to talk to in making you aware of any eventualities should this occur.

I can not fault Calco and will be be more than happy to recommend to anyone who wants to deal with an established company/ good service / efficient/ friendly team and ensuring that your communication is kept to ensure that things are to your expectations."


Eddie Ntow | Canary Wharf Limited - Main

"I met Sam while finding my current position, she was polite and nice to deal with while always being professional. She organised and set up the interviews and was very informative at all times, letting me know of any changes and keeping me up to date throughout the process."

John Baldock

"I found Samantha Dodson to be thorough, attentive and pro-active during my recent search for employment; the process was straight-forward and honest and I would certainly recommend Samantha to others."

Rob Keeley

"Thanks for giving me the opportunity to do this, my experience with Calco has been Splendid and a very good one particularly, I really do appreciate your professionalism most especially Andy Cook for being available and ready to assist and attend to me anytime I called, from the your Receptionist/Secretary who answer the phone with very good manner and efficiency anytime I've had to call which aren't many as you are always ready to call me before I even think of calling, I've enjoyed the short time I've come to know Calco and would definitely wish them to continue representing me and would work again with Calco in future long may our relationship last. "

Abimbola Akinyugha

"I have found Calco to be very efficient, with excellent communications, and very prompt no nonsense payment of the weekly invoice days after submission of my timesheet."

Paul Woodward

"Can I just add, I am now coming up to my sixth month of employment with Calco, and I would just like to say a big thank you to all staff. The service has been impeccable! After 23 years of being a contractor, working with many agencies, it's not often you can rely on payments so efficient."

Ian Johnson

"I have been with Calco Services Ltd for the past 7 years and in that time I have worked with the most amazing set of progressive people. My Manager and colleagues are so supportive and co-operative. My typical work day is quite hectic - dealing with members of the public, calculation checks in the office and site visits not to talk of sometimes attending to dangerous structures. I find it all very interesting and at the same time challenging, my supportive team make it worth my while."

"I wish to take this opportunity to express my thanks and sincere appreciation for the sterling work Calco has undertaken on my behalf – having stood by me for many years through challenging times – in my career progression efforts.

In particular I extend my appreciation and profound gratitude to our colleague at Calco, Mr. Andrew Snelgrove, whom I have known personally for nearly 10 years – and whose invaluable moral support, reassurance and efforts on my behalf, culminated in securing for myself a fantastic opportunity in my career as an electrical designer within the electrical discipline of power distribution utilities with Power On Connections.

After all my previous years as an engineer with work experience both locally and abroad my engagement as Electrical Designer with Power On Connections has, for me, become the golden watershed moment in my career development and progression. In my position, we work together as a conscientious and astute team of engineers with high standards of integrity, dedication and professionalism."

"Mark, excellent professional service. Well done!"

John Boulter

"My name is Marc Orengo and I am from Barcelona. I arrived to London 3 weeks  ago. I decided to go to London because I thought I would have more opportunities than in Barcelona. After 1 week of being here and looking for jobs on the internet (which didn’t work out really well) I decided to try to find a Recruitment Agency.

So looking for recruitment agencies in my field of studies (engineering), I found Calco. I sent them my CV, and just the next day of doing that I received a call from them. On the phone, they asked me what kind of job was I looking for, so I told them that since I am recent graduate from university, my target was to find a graduate job position.

The next day they told me they had found something which might interest me (and it did), so they set up an interview with that company just 2 days from that. Calco has always been really supportive. They gave me all the information I needed (address, how to get there, etc.), they were also was contacting me after the interviews to check how everything went and basically keept me updated with all the process.

The company did finally hire me and I have to admit that without Calco I would have never got this job.
I am very happy and satisfied with the services Calco offered me. I really do recommend Calco for anyone who’s looking for new opportunities and expect them to actually happen."

Marc Orengo

"Calco provide a very efficient, thorough and supportive service. They are particularly good at communicating and providing up-to-date information on the recruitment process."

David Ellis

"My experience with Mark Downey made me get back trust in the recruitment agencies. His ability to recognize candidates’ potentials are real benefit for the employers. The support I got from Mark during the process helped me understand deeply the job requirements.

Communication with him went smoothly and easy. He was focused, straightforward and very efficient. I highly recommend Mark as a recruitment consultant."

Alexa Cvetanka Girova

"Even though the construction industry has gone through a couple of recessions in my time at CalcoCalco have kept me working throughout the last 7 years. I have never missed a weeks wages in my time at Calco and my career has progressed from site work to management under their guidance."

"Andrew is by far the best recruitment consultant that I have been in contact with during my search for a role in London. He was honest with me at all times and helped me prepare for my interviews and kept great communication with me at all times. I couldn't recommend him highly enough!"

Claire Morrison

"I was sent Marks details from an old collegue knowing I was looking for work. After sending my C.V Mark contacted me with a list of several companies with suitable openings and we discussed my preferred companies in some detail. The very next day he had arranged an interview and sent through all the company information. Mark promptly followed up the interview to arrange a second stage meeting. I was kept well informed at all stages of the process and was delighted to be offered the first position which Mark had identified. It all seemed a little to easy, but I am sure this was due to Marks efforts to find a company that suited both my career ambitions and personality, therefore I would highly commend Mark upon his considerate, personal approach to recruitment which I have found lacking in many similar companies."

Wendy Kirckpatrick

"Mark was quick to respond to my application and delivered a number of top job opportunities and always followed up with feedback. He'd be the first on my list to call when looking for architects jobs again in the future."

Nick Hutsteiner


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